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Read what professional photographers say about the M-Classics bag:

I recently purchased one of your M Classics bag, and I really like it. It's become my favorite (I have Billingham, Domke and others) It really suits the way I use my Leicas.


The M Classics Bag kicks butt on the Domke 803 satchel (that I do not use anymore).


The black M Classics bag is molded to my hip, and working out great. It'll be going to Italy next month on a tour of boat building shops.


Got it today, thanks for the FAST shipping!!! Looks great, beautifully made. I can't wait to load it up and start shooting with it.

-K.L. Singapore

Bag looks beautiful and feels great on my shoulder. I love the profile of the bag, much more narrow than the Domke bag I used, but still holds all my equipment. I'm a happy camper!


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Fantastic bag!! I haven't used any other bag since I got the M Classics bag, at least not when I've carried my whole kit (2 M6s, 4 or five lenses). It's very easy to work from, and comfortable when on my shoulder -- it's amazing how much difference placing the strap inboard makes vs. on the centerline of the bag. It has changed the way I shoot. Thanks very much!


The M-CLASSIC BAG is the ONLY bag that you should look at for the Leica system you want to carry. It is the greatest speed bag in the world. It is designed by a photographer, and it both functions and looks great. I can put my 2 RF's (Konica and Leica) with lenses attached and ready to shoot and I can put my 90mm and another lens or two if needed. There is also a pocket for film, light meter, PDA, etc. I am a working Pro and this is the best bag I’ve ever purchased. It is lightweight, tough, attractive, well made from the best materials and it’s affordable. I no longer use my Billingham bag and only wish I heard about the M bag sooner.


The nice thing about the M Classics bag is, when I shoot, I get in to a rhythm and I do not notice the bag is even there, it is like a part of my body. Great design for real fast shooting. It has become part of my gear; just as much a tool as the cameras themselves.


Your M-Classics bag looks much better in real life than on the web. Certainly, the pictures on the Internet don't do it justice. And the quality of both the construction and materials looks and feels first rate. I'm really looking forward to loading my M6's into it. Thanks so much,
and I'll spread the word about your great product to other Leica users here in Toronto .

-M.S. Canada

My Billingham bag now sits under my bed storing some of my gear and catching dust, but when I am out actually taking pictures I am using your M Classics bag. It is light and comfortable and gives me the speed that no other bag has. Before the Billingham bag, I had 2 different Domke bags. I love the way the M Classics bag looks and it is as well made as the Billingham, but the Billingham is too slow and bulky compared to the M bag. Finally, I have a bag that matches the way I shoot. It's truly an important part of my equipment now. Thanks for the good work!


~ We'd like to express our appreciation to Joseph Evans 
for  his advice and support in the production of the bag ~